Editorial Process

Anyone can publish anything online, so knowing what information to trust is daunting. 

That’s why it’s important to spell out Nourishing Conception’s editorial process so you’ll know that you’re getting evidence-based, expert advice. 


Nourishing Conception publishes articles written by Meredith Mishan, a registered dietitian nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in nutrition, more than 12 years of professional experience, and licensure in two countries (including the United States). 

References and Sources

Each article provides comprehensive, relevant, well-researched information that includes links to sources so readers can easily see the research for themselves. Preference for sources is given to the most current research that is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

Animal studies are used as sources only in cases where human research is limited. When animal studies are used as a source instead of human studies, this is pointed out in the content published on this site.

The methodology, limitations, and overall quality of research studies are considered as much as the outcomes before using them as sources. 

Government organizations, academic institutions, and advocacy organizations may also be included in sources. 

If a topic is emerging or research results are conflicting, this information is pointed out in the the articles on this site.

Up-to-Date Information, Accuracy, and Corrections

Information can change over time, particularly with emerging research. That’s why content that is published on Nourishing Conception is reviewed yearly and updated as needed. 

If you are concerned that something you’ve read on this site is outdated or inaccurate, please reach out

If there is a significant factual error, all effort is made to correct that error as quickly as possible. To promote transparency, a notification regarding the corrected error, including the date it was corrected, will appear as part of the updated article.


Content published on Nourishing Conception is intended to help people navigate fertility and the path to parenthood regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion, culture, or geography.


The Code of Ethics for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession and Scope and Standards of Practice for dietitians is strictly followed when writing and publishing articles on this site. 


All content published on this site is original, with authorship included at the top of each article. US copyright laws, FTC regulations, and fair use principles are adhered to. 

You can trust that content written for Nourishing Conception is written by a human being, not AI (artificial intelligence) tools. 


For any suggestions or concerns, please email meredith@nourishingconception.com

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